Orthodontic Specialists, PC - Dr.s Koufos and Albright

Munster: 219.924.1440
Schererville: 219.322.4773
St. John: 219.365.2323

Drs. Koufos & Albright Trusted Orthodontists of Munster, Schererville & St. John Indiana

Drs. Michael Koufos and David Albright, along with their well-trained staff "specialize in smiling faces!"

We strive to enhance smiles with every interaction with our team! We are driven to improve the oral health, smile beauty and emotional well-being of our patients through providing orthodontic care in a highly-focused patient-centered environment.

We humbly serve Munster, Schererville and St. John communities through philanthropy, academic scholarships, and the donation of our time, knowledge and skills. Through our efforts, we will create the most rewarding smiles possible for each type of patient. Our orthodontist team services children, teens and adults.

Trusted orthodontist to Munster, Schererville, and St. John, and all surrounding Indiana areas. Contact our office to schedule your free consultation today!

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