About Project Orange

is Orthodontic Specialists’ community and educational outreach program. Drs. Koufos and Albright live in the communities where they practice, and they believe in supporting our schools and educational programs to help build the community of tomorrow!

Celebrating Earth Day for our local Dental Community!

Green Hygiene is a collaborative recycling project created by Drs. Koufos & Albright, at Orthodontic Specialists.

Our practice has participated in the recycling of toothbrushes for approximately three years now. Last year, Frank Hammond Elementary, placed 7th in the nation for their recycling efforts!  Our toothbrushes contributed over 200 pounds of plastic. The best part is that these toothbrushes are melted down into plastic materials to be re-purposed for park benches and slides for our schools!  In return, the entire student body was given toothbrushes.

Interesting Facts:

269 million toothbrushes are consumed each year.

Our local recycling depository company does NOT recycle toothbrushes!

Only 5% of toothbrushes are recycled.

If you were able to create a linear line of toothbrush consumption, front to back, the line would circle around the earth 2 times!



Our community involvement includes sponsorships for many of our local schools

Fun Fairs Science Days Special Person’s Day Photo Booths
Dental Education School Athletics Speech and Debate Teams DECA Teams
Valentine’s Day Senior Scholarships Free Math Tutoring Hockey Club
Dance Teams Football Programs Cheerleading Teams School Auctions
Summer Tennis Soccer Programs Little League Teams Volleyball Teams


If you are interested in a sponsorship for your school, please submit a letter to any office with your request. Our committee meets every three weeks to review all requests.

Please know that only patients of our practice will be considered. Due to the high volume of requests, we cannot guarantee a sponsorship. We strongly prefer school-sponsored events and not individual, independent, or travel club teams.

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