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Prior to your first in-office appointment, kindly fill out the digital form using your computer or any mobile device. Thank you!

Scheduling Appointments

When treatment begins, you can expect to see us every 8-12 weeks at your regularly scheduled progress appointments. We recognize that our patients have demanding schedules with school, extracurricular activities, and work. Therefore, our aim is to minimize any disruptions to your family’s routine as best as we can.

When you’re ready to schedule your first appointment, simply reach out to our practice and one of our friendly scheduling coordinators will be happy to assist you.

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regular appointments

Regular Appointments

Regular progress appointments are essential for monitoring your orthodontic journey and overall dental health. During these appointments, the Doctors will use their technical expertise to evaluate your progress and to adjust your braces, appliances, or clear aligners. Our priority is to ensure that your appointments are efficient and minimize your time spent in our office. 

We understand that scheduling appointments can be challenging, especially if they fall during work or school hours. However, please note that these appointments are crucial for the progress of your treatment. Additionally, at least one Saturday appointment is available each month for our very busy families and patients. In the event that an appointment coincides with school hours, we are happy to provide a Doctor’s excuse to avoid unexcused absences. We thank you and appreciate your patience when scheduling your next appointment.

Longer Appointments

Longer appointments are required for the initial placement and/or removal of braces/appliances. Fortunately, these appointments mark major SMILEstones in treatment and are very exciting for our patients! By scheduling longer appointments, we can provide the best service to our patients and reasonably share the burden of any absences from work or school.

Typically, longer appointments are scheduled in the early mornings or early afternoons. We try our best to be efficient with your time. Depending on your treatment goals, it may be necessary to add an additional longer appointment during your overall treatment.

Rescheduling Appointments

We understand that life happens! If you’re running late or need to reschedule, please let us know as soon as possible and we will do everything we can to accommodate you.

Visiting your Dentist During 
Orthodontic Treatment

It is very important that you continue to visit your family dentist once every six months, even during your orthodontic treatment, for teeth cleanings and routine dental checkups. If extra dental care is needed, we will be happy to coordinate with your family dentist to make sure that you are receiving the best care possible!