Meet Dr. Koufos

Dr. Michael Koufos is a licensed and certified orthodontist. Dr. Koufos’s practice is limited exclusively to orthodontics. Since 1988, his practice has treated more than 13,000 smiles! His true passion has been in education through learning, teaching, and coaching. 


Dr. Koufos was born and raised in Munster, Indiana where he attended Munster High School. After high school, he continued his education at Indiana University, Bloomington, and earned a BS in biological sciences. After graduation from college, Dr. Koufos continued another six years at the Indiana University School of Dentistry.

Dr. Koufos earned his four-year DDS (Doctorate of Dental Surgery) with distinction and was privileged to continue an additional two years of dental education in the orthodontic program to earn his certificate of specialty in orthodontics.

History of the Practice

In 1988, Dr. Koufos began his career with one of the premier orthodontic practices in the state. Orthodontics Inc. was founded by Dr. Joseph R. Jarabak (est. 1968), who was one of the most published and world-renowned orthodontists of his time. Dr. Koufos recalled, “Dr. Jarabak was an incredible inspiration and reason for me to return to northwest Indiana to practice orthodontics." Other retired Ortho Inc. colleagues include Dr. Donnie Rooksberry, Dr. Tom Cavanaugh, Dr. Sheldon Altschul, Dr. Ken Hyde and still practicing is Dr. Chuck Hurst and Dr. David Albright, who is currently teaching at IU School of Dentistry.

Teaching and Academics

Dr. Koufos currently serves as an adjunct visiting clinical professor for the Department of Orthodontics and Oral Facial Genetics at Indiana University School of Dentistry where he teaches Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning to senior dental students. He was formerly a faculty member starting in 2009.

Professionally, Dr. Koufos was appointed as an assistant instructor for the McLaughlin Program. This course is located in San Diego. It consists of several post-graduate courses for peer orthodontists. Dr. Rick McLaughlin is the innovator and lead instructor for this continuing education series. Dr. Koufos feels very humbled to be involved with this program. 

He recently developed the Learning Exchange for teaching and co-partnering with dental colleagues to communicate beneficial dental exchanges on treatment planning and various topics of learning through academic dental education. Dr. Koufos is certified to help his staff and dental colleagues earn required dental educational credits. 


In line with his love for teaching, in 2014 Dr. Koufos was invited to speak at the Conferinta Dental Focus in Paltinis, Romania, where he served as a conference lecturer to peer orthodontists. He also served as a speaker at the prestigious biennial Burstone Symposium, hosted by the IU School of Dentistry in Indianapolis.

Dr. Koufos is a member of the Spear Study Club for Interdisciplinary Treatment, and the Northwest Indiana Dental Study Club on Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning. He and a group of local dentists were named the top recipients for the Seattle Study Club (SSC) International Case Study Competition. These doctors were recognized for their case study on the front cover of the SSC Journal Magazine.

Seattle Study Club Journal Cover (top left to right): Drs. Gene Ranieri, Michael Koufos, Eric Pulver, Robert Modrowski on the SSC Journal Cover

Michael Cohen, President/CEO of Seattle Study Club, announces the top recipients for the International Case Study Competition at the SSC Convention in Scottsdale, AZ.

Dr. Koufos enjoys his time serving on many professional dental organizations, including the American Dental Association (ADA), for which he served as a delegate for seven years. He was also the chairman of the strategic planning committee for three years. One of his proudest accomplishments was serving as vice-speaker and speaker of the house for the Indiana Dental Association (IDA) House of Delegates for more than 11 years.


Being a part of a local community has afforded Dr. Koufos many wonderful experiences. As a soccer enthusiast, he has earned both a D and E Coaching Certificate from the US Soccer Federation. Dr. K continues to play locally on several men’s recreational soccer teams in both indoor and outdoor soccer. He also shares the love of soccer with his daughters and the Lady Mustangs soccer team. During the season, Dr. Koufos assists with goalie training and has been the public address announcer for 9 years.

He also served as the team dentist for Munster High School Athletics, and for over 25 years has volunteered his time to make mouthguards for the high school football team. Dr. Koufos has been a strong supporter of many community athletic programs, including Lake Central, Crown Point, and local private schools.


Lastly, Dr. Koufos’s pride and joy will always be his family. He and his wife Amy are parishioners at St. Thomas More church and have been married for over 30 years. Together they share the love of their four daughters: Sophie, Olivia, and Emily (twins), and Samantha.

The entire family is proud to call themselves “Hoosiers,” since they all have attended Indiana University and share the tradition of many family tailgates.

Dr. Koufos is especially proud that his daughter Emily is following in his footsteps as an Orthodontic Resident at Indiana University’s School of Dentistry.  In 2019, Dr. Emily received her DMD, Doctor of Dental Medicine degree at Midwestern University in Chicago. She soon will be an Orthodontist graduating in 2021.  We cannot wait to see her create new, beautiful smiles! 

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